FAQ: Red Markets
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Why is the hardcover book the only physical reward level I can up my pledge to?

Red Markets was far more successful than anticipated in the Kickstarter phase. Initially, the product was designed exclusively as a Print On Demand book, with backers due to pay the cost of printing and shipping after it was complete. After the stretch goal to reach a print run was reached, the economies of scale kicked in and printing both softcover and hardcover copies of the book became a losing economic deal. As such, we are printing only enough softcover books to fulfill the demands of softcover backers from the Kickstarter (and losing money in the process). However, there will be sizable number of Red Markets hardcovers left over after the print run so that they can be carried in stores and gaming conventions. These hardcovers are available for pre-order to those who missed the Kickstarter, and their pledge level is also available for those that backers that want to raise their support.

Why can’t I get the dice set?

Similar to the issue with softcovers, we’ve done a limited production run of dice through Chessex. The dice being shipped with physical books represent the total sum of dice made as a result of Kickstarter demand. We will not be going back to Chessex for another printing, so there are no dice available as add-ons or pre-orders. Thankfully, the red and black d10s required to play Red Markets are easily available from any number of hobby and game stores.

Why is international shipping so expensive?

Shipping internationally has been very expensive for years. There are multiple articles on the internet explaining the origin of these costs: http://www.deadlyfredly.com/2013/10/breakdown-international-shipping/. The shipping costs were quoted to the publisher through Indie Press Revolution, an experienced international distributor of RPG books contracted to fulfill the Red Markets Kickstarter before distributing the book for regular sale. These are the prices required, and there is no getting around them. Shipping was always promised to Kickstarter backers as a required cost of fulfillment.

When will digital stretch goals be available?

After sales of the main Red Markets book begin, money from distribution, pre-orders, and the remaining Kickstarter funds (saved in case of emergency) will go to contracting the writers and artists required to complete the project. We will be posted digital rewards as soon as they are available. Expect periodic releases over 2017-2018.

Shipping Updates
For the most up-to-date information about the status of our project, check our project updates on Kickstarter!
No shipping updates are provided.
BackerKit FAQ

What is BackerKit?

BackerKit is a service that crowdfunded project creators use to keep track of hundreds to tens of thousands of backers—from shipping details, pledge levels, preferences and quantities, whether they have paid or had their card declined, special notes, and everything in between!

The BackerKit software and support team is independent from the campaign’s project team—BackerKit does not handle the actual reward shipping. For more information about the preparation or delivery status of your rewards, please check the project's updates page.

How does BackerKit work?

After the campaign ends, the project creator will send you an email with a unique link to your survey. You can check out a walkthrough of the process here.

I never received my invitation. How do I complete the survey?

The most common reasons for not receiving a survey email is that you may be checking an email inbox different from the email address you used to sign up with Kickstarter, Indiegogo or Tilt Pro account, or it may be caught in your spam filter.

Confirm that the email address you are searching matches the email address tied to your Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or Tilt Pro account. If that doesn’t work, then try checking your spam, junk or promotions folders. You can also search for "backerkit” in your inbox.

To resend the survey to yourself, visit the project page and input the email address associated with your Kickstarter, Indiegogo or Tilt Pro account.

How do I update my shipping address?

BackerKit allows you to update your shipping address until the shipping addresses are locked by the project creator. To update your address, go back to your BackerKit survey by inputting your email here.

When will my order be shipped, charged or locked?

That is handled directly by the project creator. BackerKit functions independently of the project itself, so we do not have control of their physical shipping timeline. If you want to check on the project’s status, we recommend reading over the project's updates page.

I completed the survey, but haven't received my rewards yet. When will they arrive?

As BackerKit does not actually handle any rewards or shipping, the best way to stay updated on the shipping timeline would be to check out the project's updates page.

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